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Gorgeous Stonework to Increase Curb Appeal

Custom concrete work is also available

Stone additions are a great way to upgrade residential properties. Contact Rory's Home Improvement LLC to add a new stone walkway, retaining wall, or other elements to your home. We even can build stone siding!


There are countless ways to add stone features to your property. Let us create a new stone patio in your backyard or a new driveway made completely out of stone. Whatever you can imagine, our experienced, hardworking crew is here to build it for you!

Rory's Home Improvement LLC is also well versed in pouring concrete for additions to your property. Get a concrete driveway, walkway, or patio at a great price. Add that extra special touch to your new concrete with beautiful stamped designs.


Give a call to the fully licensed, accredited, and insured team with over 17 years of experience in the home improvement business.

”My family has used Rory's Home Improvement in the past, and he has always provided superior results for reasonable prices, from the campground to the home, he is the first person I depend on...and you should too.”

- Boyd Kempe, via Facebook


Call Rory today for your FREE estimate on your next home improvement project.


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